Urns in Partners in Time etc

Google urns portland oregon

Google images urns portland oregon

Partners in Time map

Partners in Time Oregonlive

“Holocaust, put.”

“They think its a racial thing.”

“Some.” “Mainly.”

“Many of them was the important people.”

“In the urns.”

“Some of them are for Asians, put.”

“Miss Ann was there, put.”

“He guessed he was there.”

“Mr Chan, put.”

“Sunny Oh, put.”

Junichiro Koizumi

“Mr Munch too, put.”

“Naito, put.”

Bill Naito – Wikipedia

“They wasn’t all Asians.”

“Black people were there, put.”

50 Cent Memorial Spot 9-29-2010

“He’s an expert, put.”

“Him, too.”

“He estimate around 30.”

“Mr Paul.”


“For sale always, Mr Paul.”

“Its about the same holocaust.”

“Morita’s an expert, put.”

“He show Mr Paul the storage place.”

“Two of them.”

Urns in Partners in Time etc

“It was attacked, put.”

“The caption was attacked.”

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